About Us

What if there was a way to simply tap into a person's profile and have a peek at their wardrobe?

What if a tastemaker would be able to earn from their heartfelt recommendations?
What if brands and designers can identify their superusers and reward them accordingly?

It would allow immediate transition from inspiration to purchase, and pave the way for a more profound connection between individuals as well as between brands and their authentic influencers 

Ensō is a curation platform that aims to reimagine influencing within a trusted and rewarding community circle. It is built on the philosophy of empowering creators to share their authentic selves with their audience, shifting the focus from numbers to people, from quantity to quality. 

Imagine digital social closets, fortified with on-chain attributions, connecting brands and designers directly to their most influential advocates. In this world, a deep-seated love for fashion can be transformed into tangible rewards, without compromising user well-being. We celebrate original marketing sprouting from unique fashion choices. By gamifying these organic interactions, we've crafted an ecosystem that is fun, transparent, and values every voice and contribution.

Acknowledging the immense buying power of women—who are, after all, behind the majority of purchases—we especially aim to amplify their presence. We are dedicated to offering them a platform that ensures safety, fosters trust, and builds a community, all while keeping the excitement of fashion discovery alive.

With ensō, brands are gifted an attentive ear. By tuning into our community's interests, they can truly understand and forge lasting bonds with those genuinely engaged with their products. And while ensō serves as a vibrant nexus for tastemakers and designers, it equally welcomes those who prefer to soak in inspiration passively. Whether you're on the hunt for the next big brand, seeking fashion inspiration, or curious about an outfit you've glimpsed, ensō is your go-to destination.

Our mission? To be the bridge that unites brands with their audience, fostering unparalleled community loyalty. Picture a platform where you uncover your fashion tribe, earning recognition for your curation skills and attributions. At ensō, users can be co-creators, teaming up to shape wardrobes and bring pioneering ideas to the limelight before they trend elsewhere.

At its core, ensō is committed to reinventing the consumerism narrative, championing kinder, more empathetic voices. While our initial journey commences in the world of fashion, know that this is but the starting point of a much grander vision to revolutionize the way we give and receive recommendations.